Kendall County Women’s Shelter

The Christian Job Corps has partnered with the Kendall County Women’s Shelter. The adult program has been adapted to meet the needs of these women in their current situation. Below is a detailed list of the classes offered to the KCWS women. 

For additional information, please contact Debi Watson at (830) 331-9916 ext. 2. 

Class Synopsis Methodology
Seeking Employment with a Past Learn the opportunities open to those who do have a record; what jobs and careers are restricted by law; why employers might not take a chance on you; learn employment helps available for those with a record; why taking the first step and moving on is important. handouts; instruction; discussion; questions
Searching Possible Careers /Jobs Use the Department of Labor’s to explore many career possibilities; learn how to move around Onet, how to find details about a career or job; use other resource helps on the internet; link to them to see how valuable they are for job searching. computer; searching; selecting; instruction; handout
About Employment Applications Learn the tools employers use to narrow the playing field of applicants; study the job descriptions, find the key words, practice filling out an on-line application, use the key words, answer all the questions, and upload your resume; submit the application and save a copy to your USB drive. instruction; compare and find; computer for online application;
Workplace Etiquette and Relationships – Lesson 1 Learn the concepts of respect, dignity, grace and graciousness, mercy and courtesy and how to practice them with the employer, other employees, and the customer.  Learn who your customer is, why you work, God’s purpose for work, best habits to practice and those to discard.  Learn what proper dress is for the type of employment and how to minimize your cost; learn how to relate with your peers, superiors and subordinates. instruction; video; questions; practice; handouts
Workplace Etiquette and Relationships – Lesson 2 Learn the employee responsibilities of timeliness, attention, diligence, appropriateness, integrity, and  honesty. Learn about self-control and personal restraint; learn about confidentiality, communication, including internet and social media, and what common mistakes to avoid; learn about consequences of misbehavior and inappropriateness. define and discuss; video; handouts; instruction; questions
Computer Tutorials GCFlearnfree Students advance at their own pace learning Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.  They test and complete certifications in the above. Encouraged to retest until 100% achievement prior to printing off certificates. computer, headsets, printer, online tutorials; facilitator