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CJC’s teen program, Power for Adulthood, provides those transitioning to adulthood with the additional knowledge and guidance they need to successfully navigate the adult world whether they plan to continue on to higher education or enter the workforce.   

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Powered For Adulthood


Program Mission Guiding teens to identify their God-given talents, understand how to operate in the working world, become the responsible adult, and develop the confidence they need to be successful.
Target Audience Teens to Twenty-Something

Powered for Adulthood is a free virtual program which prepares teens for life’s challenges and today’s workforce no matter what their after-graduation goal is.  All people need wisdom to make good life choices and to succeed in employment, advanced educational pursuits, and other life goals like starting a family.  The course is designed to equip teens with the knowledge, understanding, practical application, and wisdom to make good life choices, to seek employment when they are ready, and to “choose wisely” before engaging is so many of the enticements too readily available in our world.  This curriculum is faith-based biblical, practical wisdom for all people for all times.

Powered for Adulthood is self-paced so you may advance at your own speed.

We require parental consent for teen registration.  Fill out the online application to REGISTER NOW.   Already 18 years old or older? REGISTER NOW.

Date:  Hours: Location:
Begins TBA 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Boerne Family Y.M.C.A.

820 Adler Rd., Boerne