Prepped for Life Program

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What is the women’s program about?

CJC’s Prepped for Life Program equips women to navigate their path toward better life-choices and a new start. It equips them with the tools to obtain and maintain employment which leverage their God-given skills and talents. If someone is suffering from past or present hurts, our programs can help the healing process. We work with our students strengths, identifying their talents, sharpening their skills, and encouraging them towards God’s intended path.

This six-week job prep program, held in-person and via Zoom, includes dealing with guilt, setting boundaries, conflict resolution and anger management, identifying your gifts, completing your resume, job applications, confidence in talking about your gifts, interviewing for specific jobs, and money matters. Our curriculum prepares you for today’s workforce and life’s challenges, and builds character that employers are looking for.  Check out the program Outcomes Map and a listing of activities.

Women’s Program:

  • The course is free,  however there is a $35 processing fee – financial waivers available
  • Requires an in-person application, series of assessments, and a commitment
  • Partners with agencies to improve employment opportunity, but does not guarantee employment
  • Provides you with professional or volunteer resume
  • Requires regular class attendance in-person or via Zoom and being on-time just like employment
  • Certificate of training issued upon completion

 Is this for me?

Women come from all walks of life and stages in their professional development. Whether you are just entering the workforce, re-entering after a period of time, really don’t need employment, or looking to advance in your career, our program has something for everyone. Are you someone who doesn’t need employment? Then let us help you find your passion and purpose in life through this same program.

If you are suffering from past or present hurts, our programs can help your healing process.  If you have been convicted of a felony or have a troubled past, we can help you navigate your path toward better life choices and a new start.

Who is eligible?

​Any woman who is 18 and older and who is sober and drug-free may apply for enrollment in the women’s program.  Age waivers for those no longer in high school.

Do I need a high school diploma?

No high school diploma or GED is required to attend CJC.  We will help you enroll in a GED program that works for you, should you desire a GED.

What hours and days will I attend?

This is a daytime program for women only.  You are required to attend classes every Monday & Thursday for six-weeks from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

Programs repeat approximately every 9 weeks.

What do students say about the program?

Listen to what Evelyn has to say about the program.

 For more information:

  • Submit questions via the Contact Us page.
  • Call the CJC offices at (830) 331-9916 to speak with our Programs Coordinator. ​