Inmate Programs

Men and Women

About the Inmates program:

CJC’s Inmates – Prepped for Life Program equips inmates to navigate their path toward better life-choices and a new start.  The majority of inmates who end up incarcerated did not learn God’s truths in childhood.  We work with our students strengths and encourage them towards God’s intended path. The goal is to help them become healthier, happier, more productive individuals by dissolving self-imposed obstacles, limitations, and destructive life-style choices.  Often, the answer to one’s future is in their past. If someone is suffering from past or present hurts, our programs can help the healing process. This program puts them on the path to life transformation with healing hope.

This is a five-week faith-based life-skills and behavior transformation program, held in-person in the Kendall County and Bandera County Jail. The curriculum covers generational programming, dealing with hurt and guilt, setting boundaries, building character, conflict resolution, anger management, healthy relationships, domestic violence, and money matters.

Inmates Register in the Kendall & Bandera County Jails:

 Who is eligible?

​Any inmate in the Kendall or Bandera County Jails and who is sober and drug-free may be referred for enrollment in the Inmates – Prepped for Life program.  Age waivers for those no longer in high school.  Inmates must apply to Jail Administration for enrollment.

Do I need a high school diploma?

No high school diploma or GED is required to attend.  

What hours and days do inmates attend?

Classes are 2-hour blocks, twice a week for five-weeks. 

Programs repeat approximately every 7 weeks and are coordinated through the KC and BC Jail Administration.