As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the Christian Job Corps relies on the generosity and service of the community to fulfill its mission. Our volunteers are from all walks of life, delivering all different types of services. They teach our courses, support us operationally, and help launch our events, and so much more.

We want to thank all our volunteers for serving over the years. We look forward to growing this organization and changing lives with you year-after-year. 

Kendall Job Prepped for Life Instructors:

Our dedicated instructors equip, encourage, and empower our students to achieve their goals. 

Jennifer Goetz                              Vicki Johnston                                                   Sue Pennock                                            Emily Swope   

Emily Swope

Emily is a long-term Job Prep for Women instructor at CJC, providing women with the information and skills they need to meet employer expectations and achieve their employment goals. Additionally, Emily has served on the Board of Directors throughout the years, providing both her time and effort to ensure CJC is well orchestrated.

Sabrina Van De Walle

Sabrina is a Alumnae of CWJC Kerr County. In 2021 she moved to the Bandera area and found CWJC. Excited to volunteer she dove right in and filled needs that weren't being met. In 2023 as both Kendall and Bandera sites were merging, she accepted the position as Programs Coordinator. She has since left her position as Programs Coordinator. In 2024 she continues to volunteer in different areas of our programs.

Walter O'Dell

Walter is a retired lay pastor and has a Biblical Counseling certification from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has a passion to help people learn their purpose in God's kingdom by empowering, equipping, and encouraging them.  He has been a Bandera County jail chaplain and started Celebrate Recovery units in Bandera County in past years, and is currently working with our Bandera County Jail team to bring the Prepped for Life program to the men inmates.  

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